Four Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

The benefits of having your vehicle wheel alignment and geometry corrected

  1. Using our state of the art Hunter wheel alignment system we are able to carry out a full 4 wheel alignment check which allows accurate adjustments to be made to your vehicles geometry including adjustments to the camber (wheel should be upright not tilted in/out)  castor (wheel should be central to the wheel arch) and toe (wheel should be in a forward direction not turning in/out)
  2. Improve the vehicles handling. If the steering wheel is off centre or you need to keep moving the wheel to keep the vehicle straight or the vehicle pulls to one side then adjustments to the alignment will correct this
  3. Reduced tyre wear possibly adding thousands of miles to the life of the tyres
  4. A smoother ride as road shock is more efficiently absorbed
  5. Safety- the alignment procedure includes checking the vehicle suspension thus allowing us to note any worn parts which could lead to failure of the part or amount to more costly repairs

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